Can't remember the last time you paid dues? Am I up-to-date in my membership? Want to see who's a member of the alumnae chapter? View our current membership by chapter name. The year indicates the most current date for alumnae dues payment; as a reminder, membership dues are payable each calendar year and are good for 13 months. We accept dues all year around.

Delta/University of Illinois
Terry T., Life Loyal (2016)

Eta/University of Michigan
Cortney W. (2017)

Lambda/University of Vermont
Lida B., Life Loyal (2015)

Gamma Deuteron/Ohio Wesleyan University
Elaine R., Life loyal (2015)

Mu/ Allegheny
Melissa P. (2016)

Tau/Northwestern University
Donna P. (2017)

Phi/ University of the Pacific
Mindy D. (2015)

Chi/Syracuse University
Lauren B. (2015)
Anna R. (2016)

Psi/U. of Wisconsin
Sarah P. (2017)

Omega/U. of California-Berkeley
Kathryn K. (2015)

Phi Deuteron/Stanford
Lydia B. (2017)

Alpha Beta/Swarthmore College
Jessica S. (2016)

Alpha Eta/Vanderbilt University
Alexis H. (2015)

Alpha Iota/University of Washington-St. Louis
Jaree D. (2015)

Alpha Lambda, University of Washington
Shaunte R. (2016)

Alpha Mu/University of Missouri
Carol B (2015)

Alpha Nu/University of Montana
Sue S. (2015)

Alpha Omicron, University of Oklahoma
Katherine R. (2016)

Alpha Xi/University of Oregon
Margie L., Life Loyal (2016)

Alpha Tau/Univ. of Cincinnati
Ally O., Life Loyal (2015)

Alpha Phi/Tulane
Megan C., Life Loyal (2017)
Elyse T. (2016)
Chrystelle R., Life Loyal (2017)

Alpha Psi/Lawrence University
Gayatri M. (2017)

Alpha Omega/University of Pittsburgh
Debora L., Life Loyal (2015)
Gloria W., Life Loyal (2016)

Beta Kappa/Drake University
Jessica S. (2016)

Beta Omicron/University of Iowa
Grace J. (2017)

Beta Omega/Colorado College
Carol O., Life loyal (2017)

Gamma Deuteron /Ohio Wesleyan University
Kelsey U., Life Loyal (2016)

Gamma Kappa/George Washington University
Bonnie W. (2017)
Allison E. (2017)

Gamma Mu/University of Maryland
Carol L., Life Loyal (2016)
Mary Ellen L. (2016)
Lisa U., Life Loyal (2016)
Chloe G. (2016)
Alva M. (2015)
Sue T., Life Loyal (2016)
Donna P. (2015)

Gamma Omega/ Auburn University
Cheniece K., Life Loyal (2015)
Tucker P. (2016)

Delta Zeta/Emory University
Carole Y., Life Loyal (2016)

Delta Eta/Kansas State University
Sara M., Life Loyal (2016)

Delta Iota /University of Puget Sound
Rachel McK. (2017)

Delta Xi/UNC
Elizabeth E. (2015)

Delta Phi/Clemson University
Kendra M. (2017)
Megan D., (2015)

Epsilon Eta/Centre College
Alexandra F. (2017)

Epsilon Iota/ Westminster College
Amelia A. (2016)

Epsilon Lambda/Dickinson College
Caitlin K. (2016)
Grace McC. (2016)

Epsilon Nu/Virginia Tech
Diana H. (2015)

Epsilon Psi/University of Richmond
Aquene K. (2015)

Epsilon Pi/Bucknell University
Shannon H., Life Loyal (2016)
Liane C. (2015)

Epsilon Zeta/University of Mississippi
Virginia H. (2014)

Zeta Eta/Wofford College
Courtney G. (2016)
Ashlee M., Life Loyal (2016)

Zeta Theta/Cal Polytechnic State University
Lindsey C. (2015)

Zeta Iota/ Washington & Lee
Emilia D. (2015) 

Zeta Lambda/College of Charleston
Jessica McC. (2015)
Jessica C. (2015)
Anna A. (2016)
Erin S. (2016)

Zeta Xi/*
Shaina T. (2016)

Zeta Mu/MIT
Susanna H., Life Loyal (2017)

Zeta Nu/UC Davis
Shaina C. (2016)
Paige D.R. (2015)

Zeta Omicron/Wake Forest University
Tori B. (2016)

Eta Chi/Boston University
Hope K. (2016)

Eta Theta/ UCF
Amanda G., Life Loyal (2017)

Eta Iota/University of San Diego
Katt A., Life Loyal (2017) 

Eta Lambda/ Santa Clara University
Emily G. (2016)

Eta Mu/Occidental
Morgan M. (2017)

Eta Pi/Case Western University
Madeline A. (2015)

Eta Upsilon/ Univeristy of San Francisco
Paige D. (2015)

Eta Phi/Belmont University
Jeannette M., Life Loyal (2017)

Eta Psi/Tufts University
Sophia H., Life Loyal (2017)
Sarah T. (2017)
Nissa K. (2016)

Theta Theta/North Carolina State
Hilary G. (2016)

Theta Iota/ ~
Veronica D. (2017)
Patricia K. (2017)

as of August 13th, 2017

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