Founders Day
Along with the Northern Virginia Alumnae Chapter, we rotate hosting duties for the annual Founders Day Celebration luncheon, typically held in March.

Sixty alumnae and collegians, from more than 34 college chapters and across generations, gathered at Carmine’s on a beautiful warm day this past March 2017 to celebrate the anniversary of our Fraternity. We were over the moon to have Renee Wynn (Alpha, De Pauw), CIO of NASA as our keynote speaker. Thank you to those who paused their busy lives to join us in celebrating Founders Day.

Founders Day 2018

2018 is a momentous year for the D.C./Suburban Maryland alumnae chapter as we will be celebrating our Centennial. We were founded in 1918 in a time of national peril, its members coming in daily contact
with heartbreak, grief for loss of loved ones and anxiety for the safety of brothers and sweethearts fighting overseas in World War I which brought young Thetas to Washington by the hundreds, from all over the U.S.,
some in uniform, some working for the government, the Red Cross, or similar agencies. Today, the D.C. area is still a place that draws Thetas from across the country.

The D.C. alumnae chapter has so much history that we want to celebrate, and thus we will be hosting
Founders Day again. If you would like to make a donation towards the centennial fund, please contact me at or (504) 450-1548.

Founders Day is an occasion when we rejoice in our heritage from the past, especially the friend-
ships and sociability which we enjoy today. We are in the beginning stages of planning Kappa Alpha Theta’s 148th Founders’ Day celebration, where we will also be celebrating 100 years of D.C. Theta Alumnae. We are in the midst of choosing a speaker, but if you have any suggestions, we would love to hearvthem. In the coming months, we will be looking for people to help us organize. If you are interested in helping or have any suggestions, please contact Founders’ Day Co-Chairs Caitlin Kovalkoski at and Elyse Topin,

We look forward to making this a successful and memorable event!

1. Bring cash, check or a credit/debit card.
There are lots of reasons you may want extra cash on the day of the event. There is a cash bar on the day of the event (although coffee, tea, and sodas are free of charge). We will be selling tanks/tees and also have Alumnae chapter registration on the day of the event. Finally, we will pass around a basket for the Friendship Fund collection. Each of these would require some form of money beyond what you have paid for your ticket, so come prepared! NOTE: debit/credit cards will not be accepted for some of these (like Friendship Fund donations).

2. Let us know ASAP if you are unable to come.
We know things come up, and we anticipate that some of you may have to miss the event for a variety of reasons. We are thrilled that we sold out of tickets early this year, but that means we have a list of Thetas who wanted to attend but did not register in time. If you can't come, please call Chrystelle at 504-450-1548 immediately so we can offer your spot to someone else. We will work with you and your replacement so that the replacement pays you for your ticket.

3. Food allergies or preferences? No problem.
Carmine' has been great about providing us vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options, and will also be able to handle other food allergies. When you check in for the event, we will have an identifier for you to take with you to your seat so the staff can easily recognize that they need to speak with you about your meal.

Want to pay for a collegian of either Gamma Mu (UMd) or Theta Iota (Georgetown) chapter or Gamma Kappa (GW) to attend Founders Day?
online payment through paypal: Full ticket ($45) /Partial ticket ($20)
via Mail: send check to Chrystelle Zweidler Rowley, 3023 kadala place, falls church va 22042
P.S. you do not need to be attending yourself.

Who's Coming
See which of your sisters has registered to attend Founders Day.

Founders Day Luncheon Committee Co-chairpersons
Caitlin Kovalkoski

Elyse Toplin
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